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5 Best Tips for a Successful Diwali Instagram Marketing Campaign

5 Best Tips for a Successful Diwali Instagram Marketing Campaign

5 Best Tips for a Successful Diwali Instagram Marketing Campaign

In India, Diwali is a very auspicious festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm. A full-proof festive marketing campaign can help you market your product on social media platforms during this festival when everyone buys something.

Brands from around the globe take part in this seasonal frenzy. Flipkart, Amazon, and even Samsung offer huge deals on their products. Therefore you must also take part in this year’s seasonal marketing.

Now, to ensure that you absolutely succeed and generate a huge number of leads from your ad campaigns, I have put here are five marketing tips that will help you nail your marketing campaigns.

  • Seasonal Factor

Implement seasonal factors in your ads. Every year, there are more and more players entering the market, which in turn increases the level of competition. As a result, your existing marketing campaign needs to be changed or implemented.

To change your marketing strategies, you can create ads that feature festive offers or coupons that your audience receives. Regular ads will not be able to capture your audience’s attention as quickly as this.  

You could also leverage social media ads to your advantage. An excellent practice is to announce your new offers or promote your products on social media platforms to attract people’s attention. 

  • Niche

Niche is most important when you’re targeting people. You must pull the end of the right strings if you want to reach the question arises on how one should reach out to potential clients in this widely spread internet. 

The answer is Niche. Since everyone in the country would be buying something, it’s really important that your product’s ad reaches the correct audience in order for them to buy what you’re selling. If you are not perfectly targeting people, your ads will be lost in the huge crowd as they will be shown to the people who are not interested in your product/ad. 

Along with knowing your niche, it’s also most important to target different continent people at different times. Why?

Because of the time difference. If you’re targeting people from your country only, you do not have to alter the posting times but when you’re targeting people around the world, you have to consider the time difference and post your content according to that. 

I know you’re going to say that, it’s not possible to do such things as you cannot be awake 24/7 and you don’t have to. You can simply take the help of social media automation tools available in the market like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a great automation tool; using it you can pretty much schedule any type and number of posts for your different social media platforms. It’s a great tool for people who have simply too much on their plate and cannot actively handle social media profiles. It also has a post-scheduling option with the help of which you can schedule your content to be posted at a specific time. 

  • Know Your Competitors

This is a common practice. Following your competitors and going through their marketing strategies would show you how they’re targeting their audiences and also how they are placing their ads. This would also tell you what not to do as you could also see which of the competitor an ads audience have not responds to. 

Reviewing this data, you could formulate a better and higher converting AD campaign for your products. This would also help you reduce the non-conversion figure. Your competitors can be surveyed in a variety of ways, including: but the best and the most adapted option is to use a competitor survey tool which gets you complete insights into your competitor’s ad campaigns. 

  • Analyze Your Potential Customer

Pay attention to your customers’ behavior when they visit your site to ensure that they don’t leave before buying the targeted product.

You can tally the data from the visits you generated last month and inspect how a customer came to your website/app and his entire journey. This would give you a brief understanding of the audiences and their shopping pattern and liking based on their age or location. 

A better conversion rate will result from targeting different niches more precisely with this information.

If you have an E-Commerce website, you will use the Facebook pixel to gather this data easily without any issues. 

  • Full Proof Marketing Strategy

It is now time to design a marketing strategy based on the above four tips, which is the most important step. I say full-proof as there is a small margin of error when it comes to seasonal marketing. One small mistake in your campaign and you will lose out a great chunk of leads.

So to avoid this from happening to your AD campaigns, you must start working on your marketing strategy early on. You should do extensive market research, both online and offline.  


With careful planning & a full-proof Instagram marketing campaign, you have a great shot of nailing this year’s seasonal marketing. 

Taking the five tips I mentioned here into account will help you create a full-proof Instagram marketing strategy. Do not forget to A/B test your campaign once before going forward with it. It may help you eliminate all the minus points from your ad campaigns. 

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Have a safe and environment-friendly Diwali. 

Happy Diwali, guys!

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